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Universal rights deserve universal action

Social Protection is a universal human right. Civil society organizations across the globe advocate better, solidarity based, social protection.

We all share a common goal:

" Ensure for every person, during his/her entire life cycle, a sufficiently large income and access to quality basic services, to make sure they are able to cope with the risks and events of life. This can only be achieved when social protection systems consist of a coherent set of solidarity based, structural and collective initiatives and measures."

Drawing a world map of actions

Are you a civil organization that works on a better social protection for everyone? Then share your initiatives with the world by adding them to our world map of actions. Any action or activity in favor of stronger social protection will do: education, awareness raising, political lobby and advocacy, public campaigning, media, etc.,  at  a local, national or international levels.

Why participate?

  • Our world map of actions visualizes actions for solidarity based social protection all over the world
  • It is a strong signal for politicians that people and civil society worldwide want solidarity based social protection for all.
  • Every added action increases the power of our message.


Join the global action here

Contact: globalaction@11.be